Choice. That’s what everyone wants, whether it’s what to eat for lunch, which clothes to wear, or how to live your life. It also applies to eyewear, because glasses are a necessary accessory for seeing well and doing what you love. It’s even better if your choice is manufactured right here in the U.S.A. instead of other countries, like China.

Enter Once only a military term, now it’s the website destination for eyewear that goes wherever you go.

You may know that term if you have a military background, and you’d also know that Department of Defense eyewear - along with clothing and supplies - are all standard-issue. They’re created for durability and uniformity, not fashion or lifestyle-specific needs. That’s where comes in.

We started by supplying soldiers with accessories for their standard-issue eyewear, including our sun clips, to protect their eyes in areas like Iraq and Afghanistan, where the sun glare is brutal. Soon we were supplying standard-issue plus new eyewear styles by request for military personnel to wear off-duty - styles that provided more attractive choices than the infamous “BCGs” (aka “birth-control glasses)!

Now we’re excited to offer an ever-growing selection of eyewear styles and lens options to meet the lifestyles of everyone who needs high-quality eyewear at a great price. All from one website that makes it fun, fast and easy to buy U.S.-made eyewear that fits your personal functional - or fashionable - adventure.

As you roam through our site, please let us know how you like along with any feedback you have for us. We want to hear from you!